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Fluor’s delayed coking experience spans more than 40 years. The coker unit has numerous safety issues and unique processing requirements with which our veteran personnel are intimately familiar. We have the experience to deal with these issues based on innovative designed solutions to safely address these requirements. The following is a list of some of Fluor’s innovations for delayed coking.

Delayed Coking Experience

Fluor has a long history of involvement in the engineering, construction and innovation of delayed coker facilities. We provide veteran personnel with recent, relevant experience and an established knowledge base to quickly and competently execute such projects. In order to maintain and improve our knowledge base, we continually evaluate the operating data from delayed coking units that we have designed and constructed, reviewing the field for the latest developments that we can bring to future projects.

Our extensive coker experience together with Fluor’s renowned world-class engineering talent combine to allow us to deliver integrated delayed coker unit designs with:

Fluor’s experience in the field of delayed coking includes over 80 projects, ranging from feasibility studies to detailed project execution encompassing feasibility, engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning and start-up. Revamp projects have emphasized debottlenecking, instrumentation modernization, and rebuilding of fire-damaged facilities. Fluor’s experience in the design and construction of delayed cokers combined with our continuing program to stay in the forefront of coker technology enables us to bring proven engineering and the latest developments in the field to any project.

See more of Fluor’s coking and deheading experience (PDF)

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