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Best Practices – Design

PID Example - Petrom Source

There are special design considerations for all types of units and equipment in our industry.  Is it possible for the design teams at a given plant or EPC shop to have the experience with every type of specific equipment?  It seems unlikely.  Instead, most rely on the experience of the vendor and their staff.  By supplementing the project process with specialists who have a breadth of experience with many plants, technology licensors, and equipment manufactures, the end result will be improved.  Project managers would agree that getting this information as early in the design phase of the project, the most money can be saved within the project.  Beyond project cost savings, improvements in the overall design can save significant money throughout the life of the equipment through better operability, increased reliability, and easier maintenance.

A good example of this concept is large, steam purged valve’s MOV actuator design.  Many new and old plants struggle with actuator reliability, proximity switch sensors, and general operability.  There are some simple tricks which can be implemented in the design and construction phase of a new or retrofit installation that can save significant headaches in the future.  For instance, do not put the actuator so high above the deck that the operator must stand on the piping to see the position indication on the screen.  We have operators and engineers experiences with the equipment who can advocate for the end users thereby creating a better solution for the plant in the long term.

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