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Enhance Coker Profitability by Conducting Periodic Audits

Coker Site Audit

Historically, Pace Setter Petroleum Refineries conduct reviews/audits of their delayed coker units plus other major processing units every 3-5 years. These important surveys primarily address changes in processing feed stocks and production requirements as well as assessing application of new technologies to improve unit profitability.



Delayed Coker Audits result in saving
millions of dollars per year.

Contact Gary Pitman or Evan Hyde or Paul Orlowski at
360 966 7251 USA • 403 668 7467 Canada

Facilitate advancement to “Pacesetter Performance.”

The important qualifications are:

Technical Issues Addressed in Audits

Important areas include:




Audit Incentives/Expectations

Overall incentives for conducting audits are increased profitability by:

Our in-depth analysis evaluates potential improvements and establishes incentives for changes. Potential improvement opportunities can then be prioritized.
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