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Coker-Road-Show-Van’s mission is “More Production, Less Risk.” After holding 25 seminars worldwide with 5,000+ delegates and training 1200+ coker professionals, we have created an ambitious project to bring the best practices, lessons learned, and case studies directly to the every coker in the USA and Canada.

Below is a map of where we will be going in 2015-2016.  Are you ready? 

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Road Show Locations Gmap


The® team meets your plant team.


Combination field walk (1/2 day) and training (1/2 day) conducted onsite with as many refinery staff that can attend.


Starting after Refcomm® Galveston 2015 and continuing for the next 2 years… reach every plant. A detailed schedule is available for the rest of 2015.


All the refineries with delayed cokers in USA and Canada to start. Then we are onto the rest of the world!


Not everyone in the plant can attend our seminar so we want to bring the best practices and lessons learned to as many people in our community as possible.


We are setting out on the open road in a specially outfitted sprinter van coming directly to your plant. Do you remember when “Big Red” from DeltaValve came to town? Here comes the® Road Show…..

Interested? Give us some feedback on your interests using our questionnaire (7 questions, 5 minutes max).