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Operators are the first and last line of defense in the unit.  Yet, they can often be overlooked as valuable way to optimize the unit.  We differentiate ourselves from other consultants by taking the time in the unit to consider the operators perspective and experience the unit firsthand.  By integrating the site specific learnings with other similar plants, we can provide tailored solutions to improve operator performance.

LOTO Example Tulsa Coker 2013

An example is coke drum Lock-out, Tag-out(LOTO).  Recently, the coking industry has been driving toward interlocks and automation of the drum switching process.  However, many old plants can not justify this expense.  However, improvements in the procedure and LOTO of the drum can go a long way to prevent operator error by moving the wrong valve at the wrong time.  Some of our most serious incidents (injuries and deaths) have resulted from such scenarios.  We have worked with sites to improve and streamline this process whether their system is completely manual or even if they have state of the art interlock controls.

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