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The Cambridge dictionary defines the adjective ‘cold-eye’ as not showing emotion.  While this is true of the cold eye reviewer, they are not emotionally attached to the activity, it does not mean they are unfriendly, the alternative definition.  At, we are emotionally attached to coker people and want to make the industry as safe and reliability (by extension profitable) as possible.  We are passionate about seeing every plant, project, and piece of equipment reach its ultimate potential.  To achieve this goal, we advocate the use of cold-eye reviews by our objective, 3rd party experts.

Cold Eye Reviews (CER) are called many names such as independent project analysis (IPR), quality control (by discipline, ex. electrical), or peer reviews but they all contain the same fundamental objective.  The CER can provide critical information to the project or operations teams and enable them to improve.  The CER can and should be used as all phases of the project delivery process from project definition, front-end loading, detailed design, construction, or commissioning.  The concept can extend to existing plant operations.  The process can be as short as 2-3 days or 2-3 weeks depending on the level of depth required.

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