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Incident Investigation

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Incidents that involve injury or process loss can have a significant impact on the plant.  Getting to the bottom of the causes, all of the causes, is an important step in the process of moving forward.  For many years, the delayed coker was the most dangerous (statistically speaking) unit in the refinery.  Recent industry improvement and innovation has drastically changed this stereotype.  Today, the delayed coker can be as safe and environmentally responsible as any other unit in the refinery.  Understanding the root cause of incidents and putting in place policies and equipment that can prevent future incidents is a central mission of the team.’s team of experts can provide an unbiased and objective review of any incident, small or large.  Third party review of incidents is a common government mandate.  Why not have a team of experts who can report back to the authorities with the experience of the entire coker industry to back up their findings?

If you have had an incident and would like a third party review, please contact us at for more information.


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