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June 25 – Back to the Future: Lift Plug Valves Making a Come Back


Evan Hyde Facilitator: Evan Hyde – REFCOMM®

In the beginning, the preferred valve of choice for delayed cokers was the lift plug valve. For many of you who still work on older units, you know this because all your valves are still this type. Sometime around the 90’s, the shift to ball valves was swift and almost complete. In an attempt to save money, some designs used a combination of ball and gate valve for certain locations but the ball remained supreme. In recent years, lift plug manufactures have put significant effort into redesigning out the issues that gave the ball valve its clear advantage. The purpose of this webinar will be to revisit these issues and solutions so that you might once again give the humble lift plug valve a second look.


AMP0 Poyam Valves

AMPO POYAM VALVES is an international leader in highly engineered valves for the most severe applications and industries.

AMPO Lift Plug Valve
Real example in China after 12 years of operation.
SchuF Group

SchuF valves have stood for innovation and quality at the highest level for over 100 years. We invent, design, and manufacture custom valves. Examples include: Isolation, Switch, and Backpressure valves; Drain, Injection, Sampling Control, and Diverter valves; Line Blinds.

SchuF Lift Plug Valve

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Posted by: Evan Hyde

Evan Hyde is the director of field services for He previously was president of C2 Nano Technology where they researched surface treatments to combat fouling & corrosion issues in cokers & other petrochemical process units. He was a Senior Engineering Advisor for Becht Engineering Co., Inc. and has consulted on processing improvement and reliability initiatives for coking clients around the world. Prior to joining Becht, Evan worked for ExxonMobil Research and Engineering, as a process engineer, with assignments in research, and troubleshooting for heavy oil upgrading equipment. He holds a B.S. of Chemical Engineering from Pennsylvania State University.