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Who Should Attend?

Coker Road Show

DCU Training

Everyone affiliated with the coker, directly or indirectly, in the plant can attend. The more, the merrier provided the plant has a room big enough to hold everyone.

Where the rubber meets the road! They are the true stewards of the billion dollar investment on a 24-day basis. We need to empower them with as much information as possible. Unfortunately, some of the operators will need to run the unit during the event but staff from other shifts are encouraged to attend.

Making the unit better on a daily basis. Knowing what can and has happened at other sites is an important first step to knowing how to approach your unit. Many engineers (and other site staff too) have not had the opportunity to see other units. Learning from others is step one on the path to wisdom.

Fix it right. The coker is filled with specialized equipment that is not found anywhere else in the plant. Understanding the equipment and the process more deeply can significantly impact the responsiveness of those involved with repairing equipment when it fails.

Design it and build it right. The more informed project teams can be on the specific equipment and processes, the better prepared they will be to design and install the best possible equipment provided by vendors. The beauty is in the details and lessons learned are those details.

Know where to look. Inspectors are quite often the historians of the unit, second only to the operators in many cases. We know what they say about refiners that do not learn from history, their own or others, right?

Understand the 2nd or 3rd largest emitter in the plant. The coker is the only process in the refinery that is opened and closed to the atmosphere on a daily basis. Better understanding can drive improved environmental compliance.

Comprehend the nuance of the only batch process in the plant. Steady state and equilibrium are reserved for the FCCs and Hydrocrackers of this world. Fine tune your plan through understanding of the day to day victories and struggles in one of the most profitable units in the refinery.

The road show will go on for 2 years! If everyone who is interested cannot attend the first time, a second visit can be arranged for in the next loop the following year.

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