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Coker Road Show

Starting after RefComm Galveston and going for the remainder of 2015, we have defined a large loop that will take us to nearly all the major refining centers in the US and Canada at least once by year end. See the approximate route map below.

Road Show 2015 Driving Map Van

To our colleagues in the mountain states (UT, WY, MT), we have not forgotten about you. Visiting your region will be the priority for the first part of 2016. Stay tuned…..

The table below outlines the approximate dates the road show will be in your city. Time in each city will be limited, so sign up today.



Ohio/Michigan 6/17 – 23
Illinois 6/25 – 7/2
Minneapolis 7/8 – 9
Saskatchewan 7/13 – 14
Edmonton 7/16 – 17
Fort McMurray 7/21 – 24
Bellingham 8/18 – 21
Oakland 8/27 – 9/1
Los Angeles 9/29 – 10/8
Corpus Christi 12/2 – 4
Houston 12/7 – 11
Kansas/Oklahoma 12/14 – 18

We plan to make multiple visits to each region over a 2 year period to achieve our goal of reaching 100% of the cokers in the USA and Canada.

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