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4 Part Process

4 Part System Part 1: Pre-work

We will work with the site management and staff to choose from a list of case studies that are relevant for the equipment and concerns particular to your site. We have experience with 80+ cokers worldwide and lessons learned from hundreds of scenarios, good and bad, to choose from. Help us understand your needs by taking a short questionnaire (7 question, 5 minutes max).

Part 2: Field Walk (day 1)

To help the subject matter expert (SME) understand your plant’s equipment, condition, and its people, we will conduct a short field walk (2-4 hours) of the unit. We prefer to be supervised by a unit operator or engineer or both so that questions can be answered and simplify the entry requirements. The SME will make note of their observations and these observations can be rolled into the delivery of the training material the following day.

Part 3: Training (day 2)

In a meeting room of the plant’s choosing, we will conduct a half day training of the case studies selected during the pre-work phase while incorporating the observations made the previous day. Anyone affiliated with the delayed coker is welcome to attend. The case studies are relevant for operations, technical, maintenance, projects, inspection, etc. The more cross functional the group, the better the outcome will be for everyone involved.

Part 4: Continuous Improvement Feedback

Building upon the experience of the SME, observations in the field, and concepts discussed during the training, we will provided a concise list of opportunities back to the plant management. We know that cokers, new and old, suffer from common issues and there are many ways to resolve these issues. During the training, knowledge is flowing both ways from the SME to plant staff and vice versa clarifying observations made the prior day. By leveraging the collective wisdom of the plant staff and the SME in a short span of time, actionable insights will be delivered as feedback to improve the unit for everyone involved.

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