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After many years discussing the same or similar issues every year at the seminar with rotating groups of industry professionals, it has become clear to us that something needs to change to move the ball forward for the people in the field. Common issues include steam purge valve reliability, hot coke eruptions, cutting system reliability, etc. If everyone involved in the unit cannot come to the seminar to learn these lessons, then we will go to them.

Despite most oil company’s best efforts to disseminate the topics covered at the seminar through email or best practices teams, ideas get lost or overlooked. There is no substitute for a review of key topics with a captive audience to really drive home the point. There is also no substitute for a cold eye perspective on equipment in the field. Normalization of deviation affects the best of us. It takes a fresh viewpoint to highlight those things that can have the greatest impact.

If you would like to explore more of the topics we could discuss at your site, take our short survey (7 questions, 5 minutes max).  In the survey, you will find a short list of potential topics we will explore while onsite.

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