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Maintenance is a general term we use for all those unit team members who typically reside under the maintenance organizational structure.  They can include day-to-day planners and execution leads, turnaround planner and execution, routine preventative maintenance teams, unit specific maintenance teams, or anyone else in the maintenance organization.  It can also extend to 3rd party contractors who focus on unit specific maintenance.

The coker is a maintenance heavy unit. As such, there are more opportunities to do this work exceptionally well and efficiently or vice versa.  Many tips and tricks have been developed over the years to make the work easier.  In some cases, these tricks are beneficial but not always.  The maintenance specific training aims to discuss these unit specific concepts to improve the performance of those involved.  The delayed coker is a modular (1 heater + 2 drum module) system with batch operation.  Therefore, maintenance timing and equipment availability during a daily, decoke, or turnaround outage can vary significantly from the other process units in the refinery.  Knowing how to work within these windows efficiently and opportunistically can lead to significant cost savings.  The maintenance training can address these concepts.

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