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Operator performance through independence and incident avoidance are critical components of squeezing all the profitability from our processes and equipment.  The refinery and process unit of the future will be staffed with operators who bridge the gap between what have historically been operators and support engineers.  First level troubleshooting, unit optimization, improvement projects, and preventative maintenance are all within the job scope for an operator going forward.   Preventing failures and incidents also stems from more highly trained and empowered operators.  Nearly all failure analysis or incident investigation has a finding related to human factors.  Making the operations team stronger through optimization and prevention starts with training.

Training begins with exposure to the wider world of possibilities for the unit, equipment, and people and ends with closer introspection of the unit, equipment, and people that particular plant must work with.  We specialize in both the suite of options and cold eye review of your unit based on our breadth of experience with units and equipment of all types.  Do you operators know we have had a rash of spline drive failures on certain types of winches?  If they did, maybe they would think more carefully about the safety equipment around the winch and on the drill string.  Maybe they would operate it differently and not jack hammer the coke out of the drum.  Bringing in our team to train your team can have an immediate benefit on the bottom line of the unit.

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