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Problems will arise in the day to day operation of a delayed coker that will defy explanation.  Common problems include heater fouling, coke drum foaming, product quality, drill stem breakage, etc.  You can rely on internal experience with limited exposure to such issues or you can reach out to industry experts.

The Experts at Can Help

They have the expertise to discover the problem and to initiate the solutions that have been verified through experience.  The path to resolution starts with knowing when to ask for help.

Some examples of problems solved include:

  1. Rotary joint repeat failures
  2. Heater fouling caused by feed contaminants
  3. Hydraulic issues with deheading equipment
  4. Heater charge pump cavitation
  5. Spurious heater tripping
  6. Poor production separation
  7. Repeated heater tube failure
  8. Drill stem bending and breaking
  9. Excessive drum foaming

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