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2015 Coker Person of the Year

The Coker Person of the Year Award is given annually to a person within our industry who has made a significant contribution to the safety of the DCU personnel and/or in some significant way, has contributed to moving the industry forward.  The recipient is selected from a group of nominees by the Advisors and the award is presented annually at RefComm Galveston by the management team.


The 2015 Coker Person of the Year recipient is –

Dustin Olson, Director of Compounding, Catalyst, and Ethanol

LyondellBasell Houston Refining Co.


2015 Award-Dustin-Olsen-1

“We at are pleased to present this award to Dustin Olson. In 2012, Dustin, then the Coker Asset Manager at LyondellBasell Houston Refining Co., saw the problems the operations people were having with the unheading of the coke drum. He and his team were fortunate enough to connect with DeltaValve and brave enough to install the prototype of their retractable center-feed device.  After years of proven success, the equipment has proven to be a safety investment – making the DCU process easier to control and increasing the safety of the operations teams at multiple sites. We honor him as the 2015 Coker Person of the Year because the whole industry now benefits from his foresight. To date, the DeltaValve retractable center-feed device has been installed on 44 coke drums.” – Gary Pitman, Coker SME, Inc.

2015 Award-Dustin-Olsen-2

“It takes a strong will and commitment to be the first for a new technology that could shut down half the unit if it goes wrong.  But when operator safety and pressure vessel containment are the benefits, the team can unite around that common goal and make it happen.  We thank Dustin Olsen and the whole LyondellBasell Houston Refining Co. team for taking that risk and moving the industry forward.” – Evan Hyde, Director of Field Services, Inc. 

2015 Award-Dustin-Olsen-3

“It has been a pleasure working with Dustin Olson and the coker team at the LyondellBasell Houston, Texas refinery in the launch of the world’s first retractable center-feed injection device for delayed coking. The willingness of the LyondellBasell team to install and prove this technology is reflective of their ongoing commitment to maximizing safety and reliability. DeltaValve’s retractable center-feed injection device has proven to reduce thermal drum stresses and improve process safety at LyondellBasell and we thank their team for the confidence and trust they put in DeltaValve and in establishing the merits of this new revolutionary technology.” – Ruben Lah, DeltaValve General Manager

LYO is now accepting nominations for the 2016 Coker Person of the Year Award.  Is someone at your site making a significant contribution to the industry?  Email your nominations to


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