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Coker Safety Seminar and Exhibition

The Coking Community meets face-to-face at annual seminars near Houston and in Calgary.  Occasional seminars are held in different locations like Germany in 2008 and Brazil in 2009.  The next event starts on April 19 with a 1 day process and equipment overview training class.  THe exhibition starts that evening at 5:00 and the conference continues for 3 days in Galveston, Texas.  The seminar offers great presentations and exhibits.  Ask people in your company what they think about it. There’s always something practical to take back to the refinery.

“What I’ve been seeing now after attending these for 3 years is people are doing things that have been discussed in past seminars.”  -Marc Hoss,Flint Hills Resources Refinery

This is definitely the place to given input on what the coking unit needs and discover what’s going on the design table.

The attendees, especially refiners, are actively engaged and contribute to the community for the greater good.  At the Seminar,

Michelle Roberson of LyondellCitgo had the courage to talk about their $23 Million fire and give an evaluation of the incident, root cause analysis and lessons learned.

What a great commitment to the community.

Paul Orlowski

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