Coking Logo Expands Field Services and Consulting proudly announces the expansion of the Field Services and Consulting division.  With the addition of Tom Meek to the team, the List of Services is more comprehensive than ever.   Contact our team for more information.

Delayed Coker Field Services

DCU Normal Operations –

DCU Troubleshooting 

DCU Projects – New Grass Roots and unit Revamps.  DCU Advisers and Technologists can help with all areas of the Delayed Coker Project from Basic Design and as the Project passes through all phases – for example Licensor selection, PHA, FAT’s and SAT’s.

DCU Start Up –

DCU Development of Methodologies and Procedures for Evaluating, Cooling, Opening, and Decoking Abnormal Coke Drums.

DCU Shutdown and Decontamination – Procedure Authoring and MOC’s, Reviews, and Process/ Ops Support during Shutdown

DCU Turnaround –

DCU Turnaround Process and Operations Vessel and Column Inspections: to determine required additional cleaning and repairs.

DCU Process Safety – Participation in


DCU Training – Regional group classes and customized for onsite.

DCU Training Documentation – Assist Sites in the generation of revised DCU Operations Manuals.

DCU Training – Assist Operating Companies with the Generation and Authorship of DCU Process Guide.

PSM OSHA 1910 Required Red Tag Drill – Development for Locations.

PSM OSHA 1910 Required Procedures – Reviews and Assistance with Authoring and Training

DCU RCM – Rounds Development – outside Readings, PM’s, etc

DCU Corrosion – Author Process portion of site specific DCU Corrosion Control Document.

DCU – Proactive Unit Monitoring – for unit Optimization, Reliability, and Reduction in Major Incidents.

DCU – Operator Protection – Proper Site Safety facilities following the 2005 Texas City Incident – What’s really needed for the Coker?

DCU Best Practices –  for Process, Operations, Maintenance and Design

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