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D.D. Technology Inc.: Advanced Bidirectional Pigging

pumps-003DDT is the originator and founder of Fired Heater Pigging. We have been in business for 26 years and the Owner / President has been granted 26 Patents and counting. We have successfully completed projects in 43 countries.

DDT Pigging Process

The DDT Pigging System is the most advanced system for bidirectional pigging. DDT patented Piggs and Process increases run length and tube life, lowers fuel consumption and improves heater reliability. Bidirectional pigging allows our experienced operators to concentrate their cleaning efforts on contaminated areas only which prevents damage to areas that are already clean. Our hydraulic pumping units vary in size, including: small, containerized units for easy transport to difficult sites; and, multiple-pass pumping units for faster cleaning performance. DDT is the only company that operates patented 4-Pass Pumping Units, coming in 2017 DDT will have a patented 6 pass pumping unit which will be the first of it’s kind. 4-Pass Pumping Units allow 50% decrease in cleaning time and 6-Pass Pumping Units allow 70% decrease in cleaning time– leading to Best-in-Class performance.

bombas-27-and-20DDT’s patented piggs have removable and interchangeable appendages that allow us to increase the size increments very slowly matching exactly to the cleaning requirements of our Clients fired heater lines.

christine-3D.D. Technology is the proud sponsor of the Event App for RefComm® Galveston 2017. Our team will be available for questions and discussions at booth #22 during the RefComm® event.  For more immediate information, please visit our website –


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