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Decoking Valve Issue Solved with Custom Components

A leading supplier of high pressure water hydraulic valves and components, BOC Water Hydraulics, Inc. has forged a path in developing highly customized components that drop seamlessly into the existing footprint. This “build to fit” approach results in minimal piping changes, lower costs, and fewer disruptions in operation and most importantly, it meets all client application requirements.

BOC high pressure water hydraulic valve

BOC was recently asked to design a custom decoking valve for an international client. The client expressed concern about whether BOC’s decoking valve would integrate with their system and controls. BOC’s goal was to “plug and play” by installing the valve and then program the system and controls to operate in a similar fashion. Because of BOC’s past experiences, they were able to provide in-depth detail and address all client concerns about how the valve would integrate flawlessly into their system. This strategy of working closely with the client during every step of the project design and execution has proven BOC’s excellence in the field and ensured that clients turn to them repeatedly to devise innovative solutions to tricky problems.

Bob Guy and Ed Wrask from BOC will be at RefComm® Galveston 2018 showcasing the company’s line of DV Series Decoking Valves, in addition to other valving products for cutting water systems. While at RefComm®, they are eager to forge relationships with new customers and spend time with their current clients, as well as identify applications that could benefit from BOC’s engineered products.

For more information, visit the website or contact Bob Guy at. 330.332.4444.

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