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Delayed Coking is the New Poster Child of Oil Refining

LOTOS EFRA Coker Construction

2018 will be a big year for Delayed Coker projects.

Because of MARPOL VI, resid conversion flexibility is needed by 2020.

Read about other coker projects here.

What other DCU projects need to be added to the list?

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Posted by: Paul R Orlowski

Paul Orlowski is General Manager for the Refining Community with the, and divisions. They consult at refineries around the world . They've hosted 33 technical conferences around the globe, trained 1,000's and completed very beneficial consulting and troubleshooting. Paul co-founded Inc in 1998 with Gary Pitman. Besides being an educator and software applications engineer, he worked 18 years at ARCO and BP refineries near Seattle, WA USA. Previously he worked for Science Applications International Corporation and Dealer Information Systems. In 2018 #RefComm will be held in Galveston, Texas, Valencia, Spain and Buenos Aires, Argentina.