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Flowserve Decoking Equipment Training

Flowserve Decoking Equipment Operations and Reliability Training

Decoking equipment is unique in the refinery and the most misunderstood.

Because of the severe service requirements in the delayed coker and the importance of unit up-time for production, decoking equipment requires specialized care and in-depth, technical understanding.

To ensure that your operators, inspectors, engineers and maintenance are properly prepared to use, maintain, and repair the complete system, they need Flowserve Decoking Equipment Operation and Reliability Training.


Flowserve is the industry leader in designing, installing, and repairing decoking equipment.  Roy Smith is their training Specialist and Global Decoking Training Program Manager starting with Flowserve in 1976. is the industry leader in operation and maintenance practices for these systems.   Gary Pitman is Co-Founder and Coker Subject Matter Expert for Coking.Com Inc. His roots run deep as an operator, maintenance technician and turnaround planner.

Get your training from these experts on December 8 in Los Angeles. Details At slash Training.

Flowserve Decoking Equipment Operation and Reliability Training

December 8, 2017

Los Angeles

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Posted by: Paul R Orlowski

Paul Orlowski is General Manager for the Refining Community with the, and divisions. They consult at refineries around the world . They've hosted 33 technical conferences around the globe, trained 1,000's and completed very beneficial consulting and troubleshooting. Paul co-founded Inc in 1998 with Gary Pitman. Besides being an educator and software applications engineer, he worked 18 years at ARCO and BP refineries near Seattle, WA USA. Previously he worked for Science Applications International Corporation and Dealer Information Systems. In 2018 #RefComm will be held in Galveston, Texas, Valencia, Spain and Buenos Aires, Argentina.