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HAZOP: HAZard and OPerability

Some problem at a downstream unit prevented us from slopping coker gas oil (CGO) for a period of time. To solve the problem a tanker was pulled up for slop catchment. A flexible hoze was attached to the vent line of the CGO slop line, and fitted with a valve.

Two days later one of the Process Controllers was injured (minor burn injuries) when the tanker primed during slop action.

Lessons learned:

  1. ALWAYS do a HAZOP! No matter how menial the task seems.
  2. Make sure that the people have the RIGHT safety equipment for the job.
  3. NEVER do an alteration without consulting the owner of the process i.e. the Process Controller.

Thanks to Marius Grobler for contributing this article.

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Posted by: Becky Peterson

Becky is the Content Lead and Program Manager for CRU / RefComm Events.