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January Fire at Reduc


On January 4th, Petrobras reported that it temporarily stopped petroleum coke production due to a fire at its Reduc Refinery.  The fire affected six pumps which supply petroleum products to the DCU of the refinery, causing the unit to shutdown until repairs were made.  The DCU itself was not damaged and there were no fatalities or injuries.

The Reduc Refinery has a processing capacity of about 240,000 b/d, reflecting 10% of the overall refining capacity of Brazil.  This is the second accident at the Reduc site in the last 2 months.  Concerns have been raised regarding security and safety as all thirteen Petrobras refineries continue to work at or above capacity in an attempt to keep up with Brazil’s demand for fuel.

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Posted by: Becky Peterson

Becky is the Content Lead and Program Manager for CRU / RefComm Events.