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Lubrication of the Hoist #4

Lessons learned in the classroom.
Online oiler for delayed coker hoist (winch)I have a section in my reliability materials about the lubrication of the hoist, some places call it the winch.

It was startling to me, when I was discussing the lubrication of the winch and one of the students asked, “In this picture you show, where’s this lubricator.  Where’s this place where you put the oil? You said it gets six to nine drips a minute, that you oil the air.” I said it’s underneath the control panel. There’s two wing nuts that you remove and you lift the control panel front off.  There’s the lubricator and the sediment bulb. He said, “Really!”

Come to find out they never knew that it was there.  They’d have a lot of winch failures not knowing that it had to be lubricated.

So that was a lesson learned for him a lesson learned for me and it was one of those stories I love to tell.

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