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New Coker Complex for Croatia’s Urinj Refinery


The Urinj site of INA’s Rijeka refinery, located on the northern part of the Adriatic Sea in Croatia, has signed a license agreement with Bechtel for the process design of its new delayed coking unit complex.  This refinery, important because it is the shortest and most convenient connection with central Europe and the Mediterranean, completed the first phase of its development project in February 2011.  This investment enabled the production of products that met the highest European quality standards and also significantly improved environmental standards in the refinery.  The new delayed coking complex is expected to increase the efficiency of the refinery and will focus on upgrading heavy oil into high-value, light hydrocarbon liquids.  

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Posted by: Becky Peterson

Becky is the Content Lead and Program Manager for CRU / RefComm Events.