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NIS Pancevo Refinery Coker

NIS Pancevo Refinery prepares for commissioning

NIS/Gazprom NEFT Panchevo Refinery in Serbia Coker Construction 2018The DCU project at the 4.8 million-tons/year Pancevo Refinery in Serbia will increase bottom of the barrel production from 86 to 99.2%. The coke drum reactors are 30 meters tall and weigh over 200 tons with a capacity of 200tpd. The coker oven capacity will be more than 20 MW. Groundbreaking for the project was 23 October 2015. The refinery opened in December 1968.

The delayed coker technology is licensed from CB&I. It will be integrated with the refinery’s existing CB&I fluid catalytic cracking unit (FCCU) as well as the plant’s existing Chevron Lummus Global-licensed hydrocracker.

A (part of REFCOMM® Inc) engineering and operations team performed the pre-commissioning site safety audit in March 2020. will commission and startup the coker later this year.

The bottom of the barrel project will increase the refinery’s production of high-quality, low-sulfur gasoline and diesel by more than 38%. NIS will commence production of petroleum coke (“pet coke”) which is currently not produced in Serbia. Once the complex becomes operational, the refinery will cease the production of high-sulphur fuel oil (mazut), which will result not only in improved environmental performance, but will also enable Serbia to meet its international obligations in limiting the use of high-sulphur fuels.

Naftna Industrija Srbije (NIS) JSC Novi Sad is 56% owned by Gazprom Neft.

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  1. Completion of the coker is expected in 2019.
    The new unit
    1) reduces High Sulfur Fuel Oil in order to meet IMO 2020 low sulfur regulations,
    2) increases gasoline and diesel.
    3) create high quality coke
    and overall increase the refining complexity from 86% to 99.2%.

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