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Seadrift Coke L.P.

seadrift-cokerSeadrift Coke L.P. is considered unique among delayed cokers worldwide. The Seadrift plant is almost entirely self-sufficient, requiring only supplies of decant oil feedstock and fresh water to run continuously.

We are a stand-alone coker without ties to a refinery, the coker is operated solely for the production of premium grade needle coke, without the typical emphasis on liquids production.

We operate a three-drum, three-step coking process consisting of: coking, drying and coke removal steps. The additional drying step passes a superheated gas through the coke bed to reduce volatile material and harden the coke.

Seadrift Coke is more than just a coker. We also operate a rotary kiln for calcination of the needle coke prior to shipment, a waste heat boiler with a steam driven cogeneration unit for production of electrical power, and a utilities unit.

Seadrift Coke is also proud of these accomplishments

Greg Norgard, VP/General Manager
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