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Skirt and Anchoring System Solves Coke Drum Failures

Houston Engineering Solutions, LLC of Houston, Texas unveiled three inventions at the recent Refcomm Galveston 2016 refining conference. These developments address the three most common failure modes in coke drums, namely skirt attachment cracks, shell bulging, and anchor bolt failure.

New skirt and anchoring system for coke drum retrofits.

New skirt and anchoring system for coke drum retrofits.

A new skirt design, shell fabrication method, and drum anchoring system were introduced and discussed at the coking track of RefComm in Galveston on May 5, 2016. The three patented inventions can be utilized for designing new drums as well as for retrofitting existing ones. Currently, the new skirt and anchoring system are being implemented by operating companies in Saskatchewan and Alberta, respectively, to retrofit drums that have suffered recent failures. The announcement was made by company president and inventor, Dr. Mahmod Samman, who has studied the underlying causes of coke drum failures for the last twenty five years.

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