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Industry Leading Coke Drum Unheading and Center Feed Technology

with Elango Narendran, DeltaValve

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DeltaValve is known as an industry leader in the development of innovative products for significant challenges within the delayed coker. With the development of the industry’s first fully automated coke drum unheading valve, refiners were able to remove operators from the switch deck and unhead from a remote location. Increased safety, reliability, and throughput could all be realized.

The introduction of unheading valves on the bottom of coke drums necessitated relocating resid feed lines from the coke drum bottom to the side. Long term effects of resid side feed on coke drum life have not yet been fully realized, however, common knowledge would suggest increased coke drum stress may occur with side feed entry. In response to this, DeltaValve designed the industry’s first fully retractable center-feed injection device to mimic resid flow patterns similar to traditional center feed input. Now traditional center feed resid flow patterns can be achieved while delivering resid from side entry.

Please join us as we discuss these two “industry firsts” and see how these technologies can have a significant impact on coker operations and profitability.

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