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Valve Design and Technology Focus on Severe Services

Courtesy of MOGASMOGAS Industries, Inc. has a proven track record in DCU isolation services. So much so that they are continually called upon to replace competitor valves. One of the secrets to MOGAS’ success lies behind the company’s ball valves, custom-designed for systems involving heavy hydrocarbons and other erosive and corrosive elements. Application-specific coatings for internal components, such as ball and seat, are developed over the decades by in-house doctorate-degreed engineers in nanotechnology coatings and fluid dynamics.

“Customers who buy from MOGAS know they’re getting the latest and greatest valve because it’s an ever evolving product. MOGAS constantly improves their products and services based on customer feedback,” says MOGAS President and CEO Matt Mogas.

MOGAS was recently the successful bidder on a project with a Canadian DCU operator, where the company was hired to replace a competitor’s 30-inch, ASME 300 Class, DCU overhead line valves. The competitor’s valves were deemed too expensive to repair—more than 80% of the cost of a new MOGAS valve—and not worth the risk of a delay to try to repair during the turnaround time frame.

MOGAS will be showcasing its CA-1AS model at RefComm® Galveston 2018, where the company will focus on severe service isolation. If you want to contact MOGAS before RefComm®, contact Randy Wilson, VP of Sales, at 832.300.7817, or visit their website.

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