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When and Why was started

Gary Pitman attended a Coker Conference in September 1998.  There was an on-going uneasiness among the coker workers of the world about the risk of operating their unit.  Because of that, was established in October 1998 to open the channels of communication about safety issues  Sadly, one month later, 6 people were killed in a delayed coker explosion at the Anacortes Refinery.  Suddenly our mission became critical to create a Coker Community for operators, mechanical and reliability technicians, maintenance and process engineers, supervisors, EPC’s and vendors to learn from each others’ expertise and improve productivity.

The goal: “Together we can improve safety and reliability.

Gary Pitman
Paul Orlowski

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Posted by: Becky Peterson

Becky is the Content Lead and Program Manager for CRU / RefComm Events.