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Shale, Coking, and CatCracking


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Suncor begins planned scheduled maintenance at Edmonton and Sarnia Refineries. Maint program designed to support safe, reliable operations.


We want you to be safe and reliable

We are a coker community made up of DCU operator, mechanical and reliability technicians, maintenance and process engineers, supervisors and the whole spectrum of EPCs andvendors. We learn from each other's expertise and improve productivity.

RefComm Rio 2014 Highlights


Conference and Exhibition
Wednesday | Thursday-Friday


RefComm Galveston 2014 a Success!

refcomm-coking-breakout-discussion527 attended RefComm, making it the biggest Coker and CatCracker event in the world. Thank you for your support in working towards more production–less risk!

Galveston 2014 Highlights

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